Tomorrow is my last day at work before I take a week and a half off for Christmas and new years. There is absolutely nothing to do at my job right now. Thankfully, in anticipation of this, I am not bored. I’m actually quiet busy.

So far I’ve finished the first draft of the last chapter in my Hellboy story. I should have it up tomorrow.

Then I looked up some skateboarding tips on YouTube. There’s a lot I hadn’t considered but was made aware of by playing Wii at Burger King where they had a skate demo set up. I took the trucks off my new skateboard I got on sale and my friend sanded down the graphics. At home I’ve been working on painting the Anima Sola image on it.

Right now I’m working on my Finnish. I’ve been neglecting it for a couple of months. This makes me feel bad. I don’t want to put off the bass the same way I’ve put off my Finnish. It’s just hard to get into it when I don’t live in Finland and I don’t know any Fins. I was thinking maybe if I got a Finnish pen pal or something. I use to have one, but she stopped writing to me.


7 responses to “Intersession

  • ddmoca

    will i can’t see the clue and your clues generally is a little bit cryptic but………. YAYYYYY for the fic i can’t wait.

  • nanitaane

    I am salivating with the next story…uhm
    About the Anima Sola, here in my country she is feared, the tradition said apparently people made pacts with her, to gain another person, success, money, but you have to be her slave forever, praying for her all the time, lighting candles or doing anything she wants. When people heard in the night a long and frightened whistle immediately they said is someone making a pact with her, they said she is like the devil, another version is “El Hermano Penitente” more interesting because you have to have BIG BALLS to make a pact with him, because you have to confront him, in a ceremony, alone, in the woods, if you resist his vision, you are his brother, about the the Anima sola, I don’t know the connotation in others latinamerican countries, we have too “María Lionza” more positive, she is the queen of the forest, the master of the wild animals and the elements. My class of Anthropology was really interesting and we talk about all these myths and legends.

    • vinrodriguez

      yes, well, my mother was slightly horrified. She said that traditionally in my culture Anima Sola is wished upon people you want to be alone and unhappy.
      I’ve heard a few other variations on what Anima Sola means. But to me it’s an image that has always struck me ever since I was a little girl. I’ve always seen it as a woman trapped in a horrible hell who still has hope to be free of it.
      I found online the words on the back of the prayer card which I have, it’s in Spanish. Oración al Anima Sola

  • nanitaane

    Yes, the anima sola is someone who wants to be free from the hell, but the only ways to relieve her soul is giving things to people but for the change of other thing: prays, candles o whatever you promised, but if you fail in your promise she started to haunt you…voy a escribir en español, porque el inglés ya no me da más. como dice la oración es el alma más sola y triste del infierno, pero con mucho poder por eso dicen inmediatamente que es el diablo, de allí que la mayoría de las personas le tengan mucho miedo y respeto. Es una imagen atractiva, mucha gente en EUA se la ha tatuado, pero aquì no creo que mucha gente se atreva por las connotaciones negativas que tiene, a mi mamá se le pusieron los ojos gigantes cuando le dije que la gente se la hace de tatuaje.

    • vinrodriguez

      It seems like I’m not going to put it on my skateboard after all. Someone gave me a miniature toy skateboard for Christmas and I think I’m going to put the design on from the toy on my real one. For one thing, it’s easier because I’m not really a great painter and I was afraid the Anima Sola would come out looking bad, and two I like the idea of having a little mini skateboard of my real one.
      Dejare el Anima Sola para otro dia.

  • nanitaane

    Como decimos por aquí Luna “yo no creo en brujas pero de que vuelan…vuelan”

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