Girl Crush

I’m not normally attracted to other women. Most of the times I’ve been with other women it was to get a guy all worked up at seeing two girls together. But right now I have a small crush on a girl. It’s the only non-celebrity person I have a thing for at the moment and it’s this cute girl who’s probably like only 20 and works at my job (which is pretty big so I don’t see her very often). She’s adorable and I don’t know her, but for some reason I have a thing for her. She’s probably like the fifth girl in my whole life I’ve been genuinely attracted to. No, I’m not going to do anything about it. I just felt like admitting it.

BTW, Happy Holidays everyone. 🙂 You guys who always read my blog and comment and all my Jason Newsted fan friends, you’ve really made this a pretty cool year for me. Thanks.


4 responses to “Girl Crush

  • richie666

    aww. Happy Holidays to you too! and thanks, cos without you, there wouldn’t be newstedfans! and you’re a great LJ friend (: *hugs*

  • pocket_ft

    I couldn’t have expected to be absorbed in J/J stories this year. I remember I was so glad and relieved to find that you seemed to share a lot of sentiments for Jason with me. Thank you for keeping this LJ and providing us Jason fans community. Wish you happy holiday!

  • ddmoca

    yeah, happy holidays to you all and thank you for making this comm that i think we helped build it piece by piece together,it made us a little bit close i think and that is a great gift for me i needed that very much.

  • nanitaane

    Happy Holidays for all darlings!!! yes, it is a oasis for Jason’s fans, we have here an open space to share our opinions,”conspiracy theories”, J/J stories, artwork,picspam, rants, whatever, beautiful and warm place and people,open and friendly, I have the feeling the next year we are going to know more about our Jason nowadays…

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