2009 – The ball drops

By the time I finish writing this blog it may very well be 2009. People are partying and I’m blogging. That’s cause of my mom. It really means a lot to her that I’m with her when the clock turns over to midnight. Then I’d be free to go if I wanted, but by then I’m just tired and want to relax at home.

I’ve never been so unexcited about a new year. I just don’t feel it. To me it’s just another month as I trek along and try to accomplish the goals I’ve set out for myself. A new year? Irrelevant…

Scratch that, The ball in New York just dropped and I have to admit I do feel something. I feel sad, disappointed, as if that giant ball just marked another year of my failures. My daughter is celebrating, my mother is trying to “cleanse” us, and my Tarot cards earlier showed a roller coaster ride coming my way with extreme highs and extreme lows.

Wish me luck.

Happy New Year.

3 responses to “2009 – The ball drops

  • richie666

    it’s ok that you don’t feel it. it’s really just another day actually. and oh, btw, this post says it’s posted on 1st Jan 08…?

    • vinrodriguez

      yeah, the date was an oopsie. I did start writing the blog in 2008 and then I was finishing up in 2009 so I had to manually switch the date over and I forgot to change the year. oops.
      It does just feel like another day. I do hope this year will be better though.

  • nanitaane

    I wish you luck, myself want to do major changes in my life too, but I need to be more organized…
    Happy New Year!!!

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