Post Dump:Obama, Colorado, Jase, Jon/Stephen, Ghost Hunters

Today is a happy Tuesday. First off of course is the inauguration of President Barack Obama. Now, I’ve never been as excited over this as everyone else seems to be, but I must admit a huge smile at the thought of NO MORE W. BUSH. That is so awesome for so many reasons. I’ve spent the last 8 years embarassed of my country’s political leader. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out George.

Obama pictures and McCain pictures

Yesterday I was watching the Daily Show and the Colbert report because I happened to be awake long enough to catch the rerun. I’ve always had a good laugh while watching it, but oh, man. I cannot get the thought out of my head of those two together. Half my mind was on the show the other half was having R rated thought about them.

I spent the past couple of weeks obsessed with Ghost Hunters fan fiction, something that use to gross me out a bit. The stars of this show are not attractive, but for some reason, some of the fiction between them is so hot. I’ve been so crazed about it that I now own 3 out of four seasons of the show.

So I’ve also been neglecting Jase, my bass. Poor guy. I finally picked him up on Sunday after a two week hiatus. It’s made me a bit rusty. So I took Jason action figure out of the box and put him up next to all my bass tab books for inspiration. I practiced yesterday too, and I hope I can keep the momentum going.

Which reminds me, the other reason I’m so happy today, I’m flying to Colorado this Friday for a few days. Yay! I’m really excited and it will be my daughter’s first time on a plane. I’m also hoping that it will snow at least a little. I’ve never seen snow. I know, that’s so bad I’m going to be 31 years old next month and I’ve never seen snow. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a job prospect at this conference. If not then it’s off to Illinois in July.

3 responses to “Post Dump:Obama, Colorado, Jase, Jon/Stephen, Ghost Hunters

  • pocket_ft

    I’m waiting for the inauguration live web cast as it happens to be off-work next day. It starts in half an hour.
    Speaking of Jason action figure, I was wondering today how much I’d ready to pay for a life size Jason action figure.
    Hope you have fun with your daughter on trip and come back with a job prospect!

  • richie666

    Darn you richie!
    i love you too. half of Daily/Colbert is porn to me too. lol.

  • ddmoca

    i blow off work to watch the inauguration kept CNN for like 12 hours last night but it was worth it to see this man get what he disservice ,the speech he said was great and the quartet thing with yo yo ma was inspirational i kept saying he is not my president but what the hell if they ever needed my vote they got it ,a new sun on America has risen.
    (and i know i will never see snow and i am OK with that)

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