Colorado Day 2 – March of the Penguins

I couldn’t really blog the other days I was in Colorado cause I was busy/sick/flying back to Florida. So here’s a backlog…

I really liked the hotel I was staying at, but the walls are really thin. My upstairs neighbors apprently got in at about 11pm and I know this because I could here the banging of their footsteps and what I assume is their suitcases. My daughter slept through it, but I always have an issue trying to sleep somewhere that isn’t my own bed. The morning though was nice because the hotel had breakfast service and so I got a tasty meal before they drove me to the convention. Yay Residence Inn by Marriot.

At the convention I went up to the Placement Center. The people manning the door were a bit bossy and kind of deterred me mentally from going in. I went in of course, I only flew 3,000 miles for this moment. I was too nervous to do anything so I just signed up for resume critique. While I waited for my turn I went over to the exhibits which is what I payed for. I wandered around bored for a good while until I discovered that the Children’s section was the place to be. They had all sorts of neat stuff and my daughter wasn’t bored anymore. She got 4 free books, a calender, and some candy. I on the other hand walked out of the convention with almost nothing.

Afterwards I met up with my friend and former co-worker. She was also having issues with the whole placement center. The lady who critiques my resume said that the recruiters didn’t even have job openings they were just taking applications for future possibilities. What a yip. I do know that there were people there who were hiring, but those were jobs I saw online and knew I wasn’t qualified for.

Anyway, we went to lunch at the Hard Rock and the waiter had obviously had too much Red Bull. My daughter did not like the mac and cheese. Then we walked around and took a bus to get to this independent bookstore which was costly, but pretty. I can see a bunch of overly pretentious people going there to be cool. Like the Books and Books of Colorado. Still, I’ll give it to them for the atmosphere was really…. inviting.

So then she and I parted ways and that’s when my best friend picked me up to go to this small town where he lives. It’s really small. But his house was really nice. It was a long drive, and I figure he must really like me which is a funny thought cause he’s my best friend. I don’t know, I suppose I forget sometimes that certain people love me as much as I love them. Silly. I’d do the same for him.

We walked around Denver for awhile before we went to his small town. It was cold, I was cold, but happy. Really, people scared me a bit too much with the winter thing. I was having a good time. We stayed up for a bit showing each other our favorite YouTube clips before I had to crash. I was still on Eastern time.


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