Colorado Day 3 – Woah

this is backlog from last Sunday.

On Sunday morning I woke up sick. I normally get this way when I’ve eaten something atrociously bad, and I think perhaps it may have been the spinach artichoke dip. I spent most of the morning throwing up and trying to nurse a headache. The worst part was that I had forgotten my alka-seltzer and though I desperatly searched every nick of the house it appeared my friend kept the medicine in his bedroom and I didn’t want to wake him.

Eventually I felt better so I put on a brave face and told them all I was ready to hit the road. Bad idea. 10 minutes in the car ride and I started feeling sick again, but I didn’t say anything. And then we finally got to Pike’s Peak and at every rest stop I had to find the bathroom and throw up some more. Maybe part of that was the altitude, but I never had this problem with altitude before. I must be getting old and too accustomed to flat lands.

However, Pike’s Peak was beautiful. I wish I could have fully enjoyed it. I wish I could have seen it covered in snow.

Afterwards we went down to eat in Colorado Springs. I was still feeling sick when we stopped by this Mexican restaurant. I didn’t order anything, but sat there with a glass of water. Slowly I started to eat my friend’s baby’s soft crackers and that made me feel a little better. By the end of the meal I ate some fries and fried dough. By then I was fine and ready to go.

The sun was shining but it must have been about 17 degrees according to my friend. It was cold as the lower parts of hell, I’m not kidding, but I was still thankful to be where I was. It was a really nice little town area we were in.

So feeling better they decided to take us to Garden of the Gods. This was easily the highlight of my trip. I was in constant awe doing my best “woah” Keanu Reeves impression. I can’t do it justice by describing it in a few words, it was just amazing and aptly named. This is also where I realized, once it was snowing again, that snow really does come in snowflake form. It’s not just a pretty design, that’s what snow looks like up close. Woah.

So then we left, sadly, though I really want to go back one day and hike the area. We hit up Sonic for dinner (my fave meal on the trip by far) and headed back home.

That night we played Rock Band and my daughter is starting to improve at it. She did particularly well singing Nirvana “Sliver” and “About a Girl”. I’m so proud. I also learned how to play the bass in the game a little better. I realized that another one of my problems was that I was not hitting the buttons again as I should. If I had the green button a few times in a row I was keeping it pressed down the whole time. This is wrong in the game, but how a person would normally play a real guitar. Stupid Game.


3 responses to “Colorado Day 3 – Woah

  • richie666

    ah. i can’t play Rock Band/Guitar Hero type things. it doesn’t make sense to me! it’s really probably cos we can play the actual thing.
    also, Colorado sounds beautiful. wish i could be there…

    • vinrodriguez

      yeah, I’m starting to believe that playing Rock Band/Guitar Hero toomuch can be detrimental to playing a real guitar. In the future I think I’ll stick to drums. I did 8 songs in a row at “medium” setting and I sucked and my back started hurting. Gave me a whole new appreciation for Lars.

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