Colorado Day 4 – The Voyage Home

backlog from this past Monday

I had to wake up early like about 4am to be on time for my flight because I was staying almost 2 hours away from the airport and my friend’s wife was driving me. Technically, 4am where I was is like 6m where I live and that’s the normal time I wake up anyway to be on time for work, so no big deal. When I was finally ready at the designated time I wandered upstairs only to find that they were still asleep. I was loathe to do it, but I had to wake them up.

On the ride over as my daughter fell asleep in the back and I was speaking the whole time to my best friend’s wife I find that we get along pretty well. Not best of buds kind of well, but like good friendly coworkers kind of well. I’m so glad my friend didn’t marry some girl who would be jealous of our friendship. I was a bridesmaid at their wedding. Bottom line, I really like her.

On the way to the airport it was snowing. It looked like it had snowed a lot the night before, the ground was covered in snow and I watched from the window like I was watching a movie. I wish I could have hopped out of the car for a few minutes and just run around in it. The buildings, the trees all covered in a blanket of white clean snow.

At the airport my daughter realized she forgot her chipmunk stuffed animal back in their house. She pouted a lot of the trip. Our planes all left without much delay despite the snow. I found the whole experience to be very sad. At the Denver and Dallas airports even in the walk to and from the planes I could see my breath before me because of the cold weather. Then I landed in Florida and Lord was it hot as hell. My mother hadn’t even put the air conditioner on in the car because to her it was fine, to me it was an inferno.

I was really sad the whole car ride home, and my daughter looked a bit miserable as well. She would stare quietly out the window (so was I) as my mother commented that we looked tired. But I wasn’t tired, as soon as I got home I unpacked and started doing laundry.

Also worth mentioning is that I finished “America: The Book” by Jon Stewart. It was as funny as I expected, but I suppose it was more informative than I was expecting. I’m not sure what I was expecting. But personally speaking, that was the most entertaining explanation of our government I’ve ever read. I should buy that book for when my daughter starts to learn in school about our government. As usual, Jon is informative and even in his mocking is sadly correct. And his sarcasm… ::sigh:: I love Jon. I also love all the little extras, the graphics, and articles from contributing writers, and so forth. I want to go read Colbert’s book now too.

My trip didn’t get me any job opportunities , but it did make me realize a few things: 1. I can handle the average cold weather just fine. It’s not that big of a deal. 2. Perhaps it’s just the novelty of it, but I find the season change wonderful. 3. The feeling of being smothered here is just getting worse. 4. I should make a list of things I need to take with me from the house when I leave and from the car when I’m getting dropped off at the airport. 5. There’s a whole world out there that I want to be a part of.

I’m glad I went. It’s too bad I had to come back. But I’m feeling really confident that there is a light at the end of this tunnel.


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