learn to play bass with a band notorious for having no bass

Even though I know every single Metallica song (from before Newsted left) I find it very difficult to play along to some of the songs. Today I realized that I’m having difficulty specifically with Newsted songs. Namely… ha ha… I can’t distinguish the bass. I’m no problem with Orion (though I can’t get through the song completely yet), but the Black Album songs.. there comes a point where I just can’t hear the bass and I get lost.

Right now I’m focusing on learning “So What”, along with my ongoing struggle with “Orion”. Thank god for the metronome, I’m learning to play the rhythm which has this small tiny hiccup where it skips the 2nd beat sometimes and that is what seems to get me all screwed up.

Now, I’m pretty sure …and Justice for All is the only album famous for Metallica turning down the bass, but really, I should look into the other albums, I don’t think they’re exactly bass friendly either.


5 responses to “learn to play bass with a band notorious for having no bass

  • ddmoca

    maybe it got something to do with jason mimicking james lines ,you know i read it once somewhere like they both do the same thing,maybe
    but there is still some of his bass lines that are pretty recognizable

    • vinrodriguez

      I think you’re right about the mimicking cause I heard that too. There are just some points though where I was trying to play along.. I would get lost… and then I was like “woah, where did the bass go”… for a few seconds before it changed notes and I could find it again. It mght just be me, I’m not exactly the most music savy person.

  • pocket_ft

    You notice he did more free, experimental bass stuff on stage.
    I heard they don’t great job on mixing, and bass sound is liable to be their(Lars and James) victim.
    I once read Lars interview done in justice era that on performing live stage, his attention was paid to rhythm guitar not bass.
    Personally, loved Load/Reload, Justice and Garage inc. more than their classic ones,
    maybe partly because Jason’s bass work is more audible and this makes the songs more interesting.
    I’d like to know what Cliff thought of how his bass’s audibility on the albums he played.

    • ddmoca

      yeah in the load/reload era jason had a great couple of openers i love devil’s dance great bass work james even called it jason’s song cos of the dominant bass.

  • richie666

    i think Metallica bass lines are pretty clear. yeah, it’s really just …AJFA that is the problem. for the songs on those, i prefer live version. there aren’t many though. “So What” should be fun. i’m playing the guitar parts alot too. (: good luck with your bass!

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