Hardcore Dieting

My friend and I have made a bet of sorts between us as a diet inspiration. The goal is to get to our goal weight before May 22 which is the day Terminator Salvation opens. If we both make it then we’re going to go see the movie at the really upscale movie theater where you eat dinner and they serve you drinks and stuff. Cinebistro, like a restaurant instead of a concession stand. If one of us makes it and the other doesn’t… the loser has to pay for the movie tickets. If we both lose… we didn’t figure that out. I guess we’ll just see the movie at the regular movie theater.

So far (the past two days) this has really motivated me to begin dieting hardcore. To me dieting hardcore is living off of 1,000 calories a day (or less). That amount is based on my daily activities (nothing, I sit here all day) and my height. Now, I’m not fat, I know this, but I want to be thinner. Not sure if it’s a preoccupation because of where I live or not. Whatever, I know I’ll be happier if I lose weight.

Right now I am very very hungry.

4 responses to “Hardcore Dieting

  • pocket_ft

    “Hardcore Dieting” isn’t a familiar term to me, but living off below 1,000 calories a day sounds a bit extreme. How about slightly increasing your daily activities instead? My BMI was 16.6 last time I took checkup, but what I do is taking less carbohydrate food, much dairy products and fiber, and walking for 1 hour in total from and back work.
    I hope both you and your friend will be winners at May 22!

    • vinrodriguez

      16.6? Holyu moly. You’re fit for Hollywood.
      I hate excercise, but I tried it to lose the baby weight years ago, and I found that it made no difference. The way I lose weight is just cutting down my calorie intake. I do try to eat healthy foods. I don’t just eat 1000 calories of McDonalds.

  • ddmoca

    I HATE WORKING OUT ! god i said it and i am not taking it back ,i will do anything any kind of diet but not working out , i am not even fat but not fit you know, yeah i would love to loss a bit of wight the diet you talk about i did that before lost 5 pounds in 5 days , it was horrible though living throw it, i don’t know what works with me i don’t like food i can go like the whole day with out food it comes from concentrating on my work that i eat when i remember that i should ,so the whole calorie diet thing doesn’t work all the time with me.(ranting, sorry)
    about the movie did you here what bale did on the set ? ,that was really bad .carrier kill if you ask me.

    • vinrodriguez

      no, I like food. a lot. luckily, I don’t like sweets too much. But I do have a big problem with how much I love carbs.
      Yeap, I heard about Bail. I’m not surprised really. If you watch him in interviews he looks like he takes himself way too seriously. Good actor though.

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