I’ve been looking into dog adoption for awhile now hoping to have a dog soon after I move out (whenever that happens). So for some reason this morning on my drive to work I started thinking about euthanasia.

Animals get euthanized if they’ve been severely hurt, are really old and suffering, or show signs of potentially being a danger to society. Ok, sometimes they get euthanized by shelters who don’t have enough room for all the abandoned animals. That’s the saddest form of course, we all wish people would be more responsible for their pets, but most people generally agree that there are right reasons why some animals need to be euthanized and that last one’s not one of them.

I’m sure everyone’s noticed the double standard between animals and humanity. Everyone remember Dr. Kevorkian? He was doing for humans what animal shelters do for animals. Basically he was killing off (with their consent) the terminally ill. Perhaps I’m not clear on the details, but it sounds a lot like what we allow for animals except with the human patients asking for it, and the animals not.

But my real point for this blog was about those dogs who are “put down” or euthanized for being too aggressive. Those poor pitbulls and other like dogs trained to go for the jugular who had a hard life surely, and are now getting killed off for it. And really, I understand the whole danger to society thing and how it wouldn’t make sense to just keep all these aggressive dogs locked up in cages for the rest of their lives.

Oh, wait… am I talking about dogs or felons? Felons, those people who are in and out of the system and can’t seem to get along in society and spare our lives. Now, I don’t think a dog has ever been euthanized specifically for stealing a bone. “Oh, no bone thief.. it’s the gas chamber for you”. But dogs that have bitten people? Oh, yeah they’re gone.

So felons who have been convicted over and over for various aggressive crimes who get put back in society just so they can kill someone in an armed robbery instead of just maybe slapping them around a bit like last time they got arrested… those guys, get locked up in cages for a few years, maybe the rest of their lives. According to the 2005 prison statistics done by the Bureau of Justice Prison Statistics 53% of prisoners were there for violent crimes.

Let me clarify… I am against capital punishment (mostly do to watching the Dingo ate my baby movie). But I couldn’t help muse at the double standard of violent dogs to violent humans. Could be a plot for a utopian book. I personally hate utopian books.


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