he’s just not that into you… book and movie review

Ugh. stupid movie.

In this movie adaptation of an advice book based on a one-liner from Sex and the City, we follow certain women who are loosely acquainted with each other. The advice from the book is illustrated through these women, and one man (who’s not gay but we can all learn from what happens to him). The audience gets to see these messed up relationships where people could have avoided the prolonged pain of it all.

Justin Long is not the star but his role in the film is basically of the male author of the book version. He ends up helping this one girl by giving her the guy point of view in a very honest non-sugar coated fashion. This girl ends up imparting some of her new found wisdom unto other women.

As far as the cast goes there’s too many of them for you to find any real depth and they all just end up being caricatures of reality. It’s a cute romantic comedy and the girls in the theater behind me were ooh and ahhing while I was making the international sign of vomiting.

What really bothers me about this movie, and I can take a lot of crap from a movie, is that it misses the point of the book entirely. He’s just not that into you. He’s not. But the movie perpetuates the false ideals of women that if you just stick it out long enough the guy you think is your man will eventually come around. And it’s all wrapped up in a beautiful Hollywood ending. (not for everyone in the movie, but for enough of them to grate on my nerves).

I read the book about a month ago for shits and giggles (no really, I know when a guy’s not into me) and I found the advice of the guy to be pretty sound. The girl author seemed to be trying to placate or still believes in the myth the book is trying to dispel. The male author also tries to kiss ass to the reader a bit too much for my taste. In the end I think the book loses a bit of focus as well.

What the book and the movie are both trying to say is that yes, there will be a lot of bad dates, and here’s how to spot the losers early on. But it also wants you to hope for the best. (hold on, I think I puked a little bit in my mouth).

So what do I think? I think that if you hear the words “he’s just not that into you” and you begin to wonder if the man in your life is really into you then you know what? He’s just not that into you. The basic point in the movie and the book is that if a man really likes you he doesn’t play games about it, he makes sure you know. Remember that guy you didn’t like who wouldn’t leave you alone? Yeah, that guy was into you. The guy who never called you, he wasn’t into you. The guy who only calls you at 11pm to see if you want to come over? That guy is into your pants.

How much more simple can it get?


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