Party like a Hermit

Yesterday My kid was with her dad. On this fabulous night off I stayed home and watched my Ghost Hunter DVDs, reruns of The Daily Show and the Colbert Report, LOST, Ghost Hunters International on SciFi, The Daily Show and the Colbert Report at 11, and then fell asleep while watching more of my Ghost Hunter DVDs.

Yes, I am a party animal.

Not to sound self-deprecating, but when did I turn into some anti-social sci-fi nerd? OK, so I’ve always been an anti-social sci-fi nerd of sorts, but I think I’m reaching all new levels here. I’m turning into a 40-year old virgin living in my mon’s basement or something. The thing is, well… I’m just so comfy at home. Before, even if I had no one to hang with I would go see a movie by myself or something. Now I’m just turning into a hermit.

I’ll admit that yesterday I was kind of in the mood to dance. Alas, the only Wednesday night club I liked shut down for now. Today, I’m still in the mood to dance. It’s this new song from She Wants Revenge I’ve been listening to, it reminds me of the goth scene.

I think I need a night out at least once in awhile. You know, cause what’s the point of all my pretty if I don’t put it out there? LOL. No really, if I’m just going to stay home making love to my DVD collection, why bother with all the upkeep I do to keep myself looking fabulous?

So yeah, I need to go out cause while I like staying home sometimes, I kinda don’t want to turn into the Comic Book guy from the Simpsons or something like that.


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