Mall Cop / The Jonas Brothers 3D

I saw Paul Blart: Mall Cop last week because My kid wanted to. It’s about Paul Blart, mall cop, and how truly pathetic he is.

The only reason I mention Mall Cop now is because this morning I went to see the Jonas Brothers movie (thanks My kid). And I wanted to point out how bad certain movies are that I’d rather watch the Jonas Brothers movie again. For example, I’d rather watch the Jonas Brothers movie again then watch Mall Cop again.

The Jonas brothers are one of those Disney, purity ring toting bands. They are two rhythm guitarists and a lead singer who are brothers. The Jonas Brothers movie is mostly them in concert with a few cut and paste scenes of them doing other stuff and screaming fans. But not of them doing screaming fans. ha, ha. Oh, and it’s in 3D.

The movie is only 76 minutes long. Whew! I know you’re all expecting me to say scathing things about this movie. I’m not. It’s not so bad. And this may be hard to believe, but the music’s not horrible. At the very least they sound good live. OK, there were like two songs I wanted to shoot myself during. I checked my watch three times to see how much longer I had to endure this thing, but overall I concede, I can see these songs as a good backdrop to like a Cameron Crowe movie or something.

No I’m not about to run out for a Jonas Brothers album. My point is I was expecting a horrible experience and it was certainly not so bad at all. I’d rather watch this than Max Payne. I’d rather listen to their music than a Beyonce album.

Things I wanted to mention… there was one concert scene where the guys each took out their own long hose and sprayed all the girls in the audience with some white sticky stuff. Ha Ha… I’ve been waiting all day to type that. But I’m not lying.

Anyhoo… don’t go see either movie.


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