Sexy Silver Fox

I was in Borders yesterday and as I’m trying and failing to urge my family to leave already I started reading a Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic book (Harmonic Divergence #21). Anyway, the point is as I was flipping through it I saw something that I just wanted to share with richie666 and so I bought the damn thing.


4 responses to “Sexy Silver Fox

  • richie666

    omgyay! you’re so good to me! i’ve heard of it but i haven’t seen it yet! thankyouthankyouthankyou! also, lol at the puppy!

    • vinrodriguez

      that’s the only part he comes out in. I was a big Buffy fan back in the day so it was no real stretch for me to buy it.
      The other day I was watching ” Big Daddy” with Adam Sandler and I was watching thinking… “wait a minute, doesn’t Jon Stewart play the dad?” and then a few minutes later there he was. ::sigh:: I think I drooled a little.
      Oh, and I have a question I’ve been dying to ask. who is that holding Anderson in your icon?

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