The Fifth Crew Member

I am so excited over the new Star Trek movie coming out in May. I’m bouncing in my seat. It looks so cool, and I can’t wait for it. I love the cast, I love the idea, I am full of love.

But not the point of my blog.

My point is that it made me think of one of my life-long ambitions and that is to be in Star Trek. Since I was a teenager I think I came to the conclusion that I wanted to be in Star Trek officially. I would love to be important enough to be an obscure trivia question. But I’ll settle for dead body on the left of some scene in the movie or TV show.

My expectations are low because I can’t imagine how I could ever reach this goal. I’ll let them do whatever to me. I’ll sit in make-up for 16 hours in 0 degree temperature just so they can film me sitting in an audience clapping my hands for Star Fleet or some inane scenario like that. I don’t care if I’m in so much make-up I’m unrecognizable and I don’t even get my name in the credits… I want to be in Star Trek.


I don’t see the Star Trek world disappearing forever after this movie… so maybe one day I’ll have my chance. Who do I call about this?


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