St. Augustine – Day 1

I got from Miami to St. Augustine in like 5 hours (and that included a 30 minute McDonald break) AND on one tank of gas. Lord, I must have been speeding like a demon. And damn can my car get mileage. I was so happy on the car ride here. I was smiling, singing along to my radio, just so happy to be headed North away from it all.

Of course now I feel differently. I always manage to get homesick usually before I even leave home. This time it took a few hours to kick in. That’s a good sign right?

So I got in and then we checked into the hotel and immediately went out again to go see Ripley’s Believe it Or Not. I’ve been to the one in Orlando and the one in Niagra Falls. I like this one a lot. It’s a cool little house with a lot of neat stuff. I got my fortune done in this “Mouth of Truth” thing and it came out pretty dead on as to me and my life right now. Except the sex part. It gave me like 3 stars in the sex part and I haven’t had sex in like a year. Maybe the stars mean I got 2 more years to go?

I bought the combo tour for the entrance and the train ride. I’m not sure I did the right thing now. The train stops at 5pm and that’s pretty early right? Anyway, too late now. I’m not going to stress it cause I got two days to tear this town apart and I already hit one of my stops.

Tomorrow I intend to his the Castillo San Marco and then the Fountain of Youth. We’ll see how long that takes. There’s a few other things to do around here. Friday I guess I’ll do the Lighthouse and then maybe go back to the downtown area for all those smaller tourist traps.

I get homesick cause I hate taking baths in bathtubs that are not mine. I feel icky. Even in four star hotels I feel icky. So I end up not even taking a proper bath until I get home. I kind of want to be home already so I can take a shower. That sounds weird. I love road trips and I love traveling, but the shower thing just gets me. And the bed too sometimes. I hate hotel room bedsheets. I just feel icky doing something so personal where so many have done it before. which reminds me… I’ve never had sex in a hotel room. woah.

My mother’s okay with the hotel which is really what I was worried about… hearing her bitch and moan. And my daughter’s bouncing off the walls she’s so excited. ::sigh:: At least I can watch the new LOST tonight. But I can’t watch Ghost Hunters. I should have brought my portable DVD player so I could watch a rerun of Ghost Hunters or something. I’m in St. Augustine probably urged on by watching that episode of them here. Ugh… I’m obsessed.


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