St. Augustine – Day 2

That was the hardest god damn pillow I have ever experienced. I couldn’t sleep worth a shit. Tonight I’m going to fold the bedsheets and see if that feels better. The bed is like stone too, but I don’t mind that so much. The pillow thing gave me a headache.

I also want to add that I think my computer is starting to die. It runs out of power like nothing. When I get home I’m going to start repairing for the inevitable and start to back up whatever files haven’t been backed up yet. There’s only a few. I’ll miss you Adobe CS2…

We got an early start. We parked back at Ripley’s and then took that train tour around the city. That was kind of a mistake cause then whenever you want to go to a stop you have to hear the tour guide over and over again. It gets real annoying. So I highly recommend that you get off on the stops you want to see as you go along. The only other drawback of the tour is that the trains stop running at about 5pm. It was enough time for us, but I can see how that would be harsh on some people. On the plus side the tour guides then don;t have to deal with as many drunks. But I should also add that the Ripley train tour is cheaper.

First off I went to Castillo San Marco. It’s a fort the Spaniards built 400-500 years ago or something. Then it was Fountain of Youth. Both were two of the four places I wanted to hit (the others being Ripleys and the Lighthouse). It’s a lot of walking and just history and stuff. I had some water from the Fountain of Youth. Eck. You can taste the minerals I think… that stuff is thick. I bought some to take home and never open.

So then I had finished seeing what I had wanted to see today and it was only like 2pm. So we took the train again and then went to this little outdoor shopping plaza. That had the oldest wooden schoolhouse and an ice cream place. Oh, and also we went to the Old Drug store. That was interesting cause they had all these leftover bottles from medicines from like 100 years ago when it was okay to give alcohol to babies to shut them up.

I have to say something about St. Augustine, the attractions are cheap as hell. Very few things cost anything significant. Ripley’s is one, the Alligator Farm (that I’m not going to cause we have gators in Miami, is another). Not even the places I plan on visiting tomorrow cost near anything. One is free. All the stuff in Miami is so expensive in comparison. The only thing more is expensive is the Disney theme parks in Orlando.

Man, there is a lot of stuff to trap tourists all over Florida.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Oh, and I bought one of those Ghost Tour things. This one is the train that’s part of the Ripley thing. They even lend you and EMF meter and let you ghost hunt Ripley’s. (As if that place isn’t scary enough). My daughter’s the one who was insistent, and let’s face it, my arm didn’t need THAT much twisting. I hope she doesn’t get freaked out. I’m just going to remind her that it was her idea. Which of course I endorse. That cost me a pretty penny too, but she was so happy to be going cause I told her yesterday she wasn’t going to be able to. Turns out there were tickets after all.

Did I mention the bridge going from the island to the mainland is the weirdest bridge I’ve ever seen? I videotaped it and I’ll post it when I get back. It opens by lifting up. It lifts up parallel. It’s weird. You’ll just have to see it. It’s called a vertical lift bridge.

Castillo San Marcos

5 responses to “St. Augustine – Day 2

  • ddmoca

    when will you be back ? specially on the community cos there are new people there and they posted a lot of stuff A LOT you have to see it , i don’t know why but it creeped me out…ME ,i don’t know why its nothing…its just a lot of personal info that we never had before!!!.i am stupid ,i know.

    • vinrodriguez

      crap. yeah, thanks for the warning, I see it now. Really wish they had used an LJ cut. I’ll go let them know.

      • ddmoca

        yeah ,i am your all seeing eyes down there.we have to set some kind of rules i don’t mean to be an ass,you know

      • vinrodriguez

        i thought it was part of the rules. You know? It says long posts under lj cuts and and and… ugh. There’s only so much manipulation power I can do even as a mod. I can delete the whole thing, which I don’t want to do. I can make the entries private which I’m kind of leaning towards. It does all seem so terribly personal and I did warn about the personal stuff. advice?

      • ddmoca

        Maybe we can like make posting based on joining and joining depend on intreducing themselves on a post that seems fair right.

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