St. Augustine – Day 3

I just got back from the Ghost Train tour. I will post now and hope I will get sleepy cause I have a long drive ahead of me tomorrow. I don’t want to go back! Ugh. But honestly, I’d rather go home than spend one more night in this hotel with the most uncomfortable beds ever. These beds are a slight against God and were crafted by demons.

We started by stopping over at the Mission de Nombre de Dios and the Shrine of the Lady de la Leche which is right next door. Basically it’s a 200 ft steel cross next to a small cemetery surrounding a small temple. It’s quaint. Usually I get this feeling when I’m in spiritual places like that. I didn’t get that this time. I felt nothing by the cross. I felt peaceful by the cemetery. The only time I really had a spiritual feeling was in front of the statue of Francis di Assisi. I don’t know why, perhaps because I actually have some knowledge of who he was. My mom wanted to stop there, she had a nice time I think. The gift shop was closed (good Friday), but the bell rang for some unknown reason as it was not on the hour.

After that came the Old Jail. I hadn’t planned on going there either but since we had all this extra time I figured why not. The only reason it was really of any interest to me was because Ghost Hunters had an episode there. They didn’t catch much, but I wanted to be where they were as psycho as that sounds. My daughter got a bit freaked out and I have to admit the air doesn’t flow in there. The crazy part is that as I was taking pictures I got a picture with an “orb” in it. It was next to the wax statue of the sherriff.

An “orb” is a ball of energy that some people believe is a paranormal entity. In my opinion there is so muc orb talk I think it falls out of the realm of paranormal. When I saw it in the pic I figured my flash was reflecting off of something. I still think that. I’ve watched enough Ghost Hunters to not believe in orbs being a sign of paranormal activity.

So then came the winery. It was a tour and a free wine tasting. Personally I thought most of the wines were god awful. I ended up only liking one, my mom liked another so we bought them both along with a bunch of cheese and crackers. I was slightly tipsy from the tasting when we went to get lunch.

And then came the part I had saved for last. The Lighthouse. On Ghost Hunters this was a treasure trove of paranormal activity. I didn’t have a paranormal experience, but I got some beautiful shots. I even made it all the way to the top. I had planned on doing it, but then I saw the stairs. I mean it’s just a metal railing hanging off the wall. I’m not usually afraid of heights, but I really had to swallow it down to get all the way up there and then outside. Anyway, it was as great as I imagined. Except the gift store. That was the worst gift store ever and I didn’t end up buying anything. But I did it. I made it. I walked where the Ghost Hunters walked.

Which leads me to the last event, the Ghost Train tour. I finally got to look at an EMF meter, which didn’t do much and made me appreciate when it does do stuff for the tv Ghost Hunters. We took a train around town where they told us ghost stories. Then we got off at 3 stops and looked around. I love that not only is this at night, but it was a full moon out. It just adds to the atmosphere. Thing is, I had orbs in like every fourth shot. That’s ridiculous. I’m more inclined to believe I’m capturing light being reflected off dust. Perhaps the Ripley Ghost employees would go nuts over my photos. It just seems to easy. And how can it be paranormal if it’s so easy?

i think the biggest thing is that I really think I have a better understanding of what those guys on the show do. I think I could be a ghost hunter if I had the time and the companions of interested people. I like taking pictures, I liked the EMF meter. I have enough hobbies though, so I’ll leave it up to the professionals.

I would also like to note that my daughter was a little scared on the ghost tour, but she stuck it out. Another girl, bigger than mine was too scared to finish. My daughter rocks!

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