TWIT (er)

I accidentally joined Twitter. There’s a twitter thing where they post jobs so I put in for that not really thinking about it. So now I have a twitter account. I’m so ashamed. It’s not hooked into my phone or any craziness that people seem to be doing, but I have an account.

I don’t like Twitter, the idea of it just bothers me. How self-absorbed do you have to be to be on Twitter?

I am also anti-Facebook, much to the dismay of a few friends of mine. I almost went to the dark side and joined Facebook when I saw Anderson Cooper was on it, but no… I resist. I refuse. I don’t like that you can’t pimp out the page, and that’s my basic problem with it. I’ll just wait for whatever hot thing replaces Facebook. In the meantime, I blog here since I’m sick of MySpace too.

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3 responses to “TWIT (er)

  • ddmoca

    ok, since you come out and said it first, i will admit it
    HI EVERYONE MY NAME IS DDMOCA AND I HAVE A TWITTER ACCOUNT.ahhhh so ashamed but i swear i did it for a good reason and I’m ignoring it now ,i hate myspace i rarely go there but i had it before here so that’s that .and facebook i hate it annoys the hell out of me.

  • richie666

    *joins ddmoca*
    HI MY NAME IS RICHIE AND I HAVE A TWITTER AND A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT. lol. i mostly use them to stalk people >:)

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