Are you out of your Vulcan mind?

I saw Star Trek yesterday in IMAX because I really just am that big of a nerd. And it was awesome, I can’t wait until I see it again. Fantastic casting, director, special effects, plot, just everything. It deserves the 95% approval rating it has right now.

So this prompted me to talk about my life with Star Trek. Now, I’m not a trekkie per se, because I just can’t name off episodes or all the characters ever even if they died in the first 5 minutes of episode 38 or whatever. I’m not obsessed, but I do like the star trek universe preferable The Next Generation and the original series movies. But still, I wanted to mention the subtle influences Star Trek has made in my life.

This is mainly about Spock. As a kid I was fascinated with Spock and the entire Vulcan race because of the idea that they could control any emotions so thoroughly that nothing seemed to affect them. I determined that this was a great idea and for years tried to live the Vulcan way. That sounds weird, but it’s true, and I think it worked out for me a bit. To this day people will mention (especially if they are mad at me about something) how completely detached I seem to be. My own mother has called me cold and aloof.

Personally, I take it as a compliment. I do try to be logical and not let my feelings effect my better judgment. If I’m mad or sad or angry I try to reign it in as much as possible. I’m not a robot, I have all these feelings I just think it’s wiser to not destroy the furniture in my house just because I’m pissed. And I think it’s better not to let the people hurting me see me cry.

So thank you Spock, Leonard Nimoy, Gene Rodenberry and the Vulcan race.

I can also lift one eyebrow up like Spock (and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson). Someone asked me how I did it and the truth is I practiced. I use to sit in front of a mirror and hold one eyebrow down while lifting the other one up. It took a long time, but I got it down now.


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