About a Girl: Just the Two of Us

About a year ago a friend from work said I was like the mom on Gilmore Girls. I thought it was because she was a good looking younger single mom (vain? me?) with a daughter. I’ve never watched the Gilmore Girls but managed to catch an episode yesterday and actually sat down to watch it.

Woah. I was totally freaked out. I act almost exactly like the woman. It was so weird, like watching an older and hotter version of myself. They were on a roadtrip and she said, complaining about the country music on the radio, “how am I suppose to have a roadtrip without ACDC Highway to Hell?” Her favorite band is Metallica? Woah. I don’t even know what else to say.

My daughter and I in 12 years…


4 thoughts on “About a Girl: Just the Two of Us

  1. will, its nice to somehow in a weird way put a face to your online persona. i had my Gilmore girls era where i just loved the show and the interactions. and i loved Lorelai so much she just talks a lot and so funny in a weird comeback in your face way ,if you are like that in real life (real life,lol!)then i like you even more.

    • I ws watching some clips on youtube of the show. And yeah, her personality is very close to my own. Creepy. Like very creepy. I can’t believe I never knew.
      BTW, Have you checked to see if you have mod access o newstedfans? Let me know if there’s a problem. And if everything is good then let me know also so I can make a formal announcement.

      • Mod access like deleting and editing posts and comments cos if that is it i abused my power already, (the freaky one) wrote in her blog about us and a post she was involved in (the infamous one) with the girlfriends and stuff and coped it to her blog and had all our names in there so i deleted all her comments and only left yours and pocket but didn’t remove the post cos its yours so its your call if you want to remove or not.and thank you for the honer . (http://community.livejournal.com/newstedfans/47300.html)

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