About a Girl: Carnival

All us Miami natives have been to Santa’s Enchanted Forest at least once right? The last time I went was so many years ago that I don’t even remember. I know I was there cause I remember walking up to the gate, everything after that is a complete blank.

So I took My kid this year on Sunday. She of course loved it except for her frustration at being to small to ride certain things. But there was plenty of stuff that she could ride and so she had a blast. I’m proud to report that when it comes to roller coasters, my daughter is fearless. She was bored on the little kiddie rides and really loved whatever roller coaster she could get away with riding.

I didn’t play any of the games. The entrance is only for the rides and the shows. I did see the magician show and it was so bad I knew exactly how they were pulling off each trick. I’ve never been able to do that before so they must have really sucked. I also ate some food that was overpriced. Except maybe for the corn dog, yeah it was expensive but that was a pretty big fat corn dog and My kid didn’t leave a bite.

They also have elephant and pony rides which just breaks my heart. I personally feel so bad for those animals going in endless circles. It just seems wrong. Like I can take the petting zoo if they keep a close eye on some of those terror children. But the rides? No. Did anyone see that video when the elephant went crazy and started destroying the whole circus with a family of five still strapped to its back?

Speaking of danger… I hate to call them “carnies”, but I will. You know, those questionable looking people who hold the switch of the rides and basically the safety of me and my child at their hands. Now I’m sure I’m getting old because on every ride I got on I could see the potential for danger (which didn’t stop me from riding it, but maybe one day I’ll be old enough where it will). On the other hand though there is something to be said about experienced hands. I bet if something did go wrong they’d just climb on the thing with a roll of ducked tape and everyone would be saved.

Other than that, they have season passes to the fair now, which I didn’t get, but if you like that sort of thing, what the hey. I had a nice time too. But it is relatively a small place and not so many big rides. So you might end up getting bored rather quick unless you have kids or want to spend a lot of extra money on games and food.

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