Resolutions Start Now

So I didn’t meet most of my new years resolutions for this past year. I made 3 out of 11. Well, at least it was something right? I think my expectations were too high with a combination of my desires changed as well. Still, there were a few things on there that I really should have completed.

One of the things I failed at was the weight loss. Granted most of that has to do with the fact that I’m not overweight. It’s hard to think about losing weight when you’re not fat to begin with. That’s probably why I did lose 20 pounds two years ago. I was chunky. Now I’m not, but I still think I’d be happier if I was down to 110 which is what I weighed in high school. So that’s my new goal and that goal starts now, not in 2010. That’s 13 pounds. I can do 13 pounds.

Ok, so I’m going to check in next week and tell you all how it’s going. The first thing I’m doing this week is cutting out all the candy and fast food. I don’t care if it’s Christmas. Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels. If I can make it under 120 (4 pounds) by New Years It’d be awesome.

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