thinking about coming out of anonymity

So I was really thinking about my writing. If I’m never published, I can always publish myself. Lots of people do that. It could be a print on demand thing. I was thinking I could have a blog and continue blogging, and have links to my non-fanfiction material up if anyone was interested in buying and still write fanfiction sometimes. Just a simple low hassle writing hobby (and I hate to say hobby, but every writer must know the odds of being able to support yourself as a writer are low).

And since I happen to have a pen name I wanted to write under which is remarkably similar to my real name (i.e. just a nickname, not that it matters because my real name is the Latin equivalent of Jane Smith)… I was thinking of coming out of anonymity.

I would create a new blog somewhere else, maybe blogspot or blogger, and have a link up to this old thing. Then I’d go back into this journal and delete all the blogs about co-workers and people I know. Or I could rename this blog. Either way. I’m still toying with the idea. I’m not really embarrassed about my fanfiction, I should just own up. Most people that know me know what type of stuff I write.

I read this article: The coming-out stories of anonymous bloggers


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