The Secrets of Writing

I’m doing better in my writing though not ideal. I’m doing better in the sense that I just had another breakthrough in my writer’s block and it’s all about the plot. I think I’m beginning to see the value in writer’s groups or writing classes. I suppose I just forgot everything I learned when I was getting my BA in Creative Writing. Well, it has been 10 years.

Damn, that’s a lot of wasted time…

I’ve been keeping busy with tons of fanfiction that although it being well, you know fanfiction… it’s still writing practice and I’ve gotten a lot better through the years.When I read my Batman fic I cringe and feel bad that I wasted such an awesome plot on such crappy writing.

Anyway, I’m in a good mood and I really owe this whole breakthrough to podcasts. I’ve been listening to a few for the last month or so and I really wanted to give a thank you and major props to The Secrets: the podcast for serious writers by Michael A. Stackpole. A lot of what he says is stuff you really think you know, but maybe it was better for me to hear it again in my car as I drove home from work. Overall it’s really given me a perspective on where my novel was going wrong. Not that I got any comments from him about my novel, but there were some podcasts where he would say something and I thought “Holy crap, that’s what’s missing from my book!”

I must have done that twice and listened to 20 of his podcasts, but it was well worth it. The guy knows what he’s talking about. 2 writer’s block breakthroughs and a bunch of great advice? I feel bad the podcast is free. I’m going to have to go buy one of his books or something to support him. Thank you, thank you Michael A Stackpole.

Podcasts I recommend for writers:
The Secrets by Michael A. Stackpole
Writing Excuses
The Writing Show


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