Pilgrim the Tralfamadore inspired alien

I made a new Tralfamadore inspired alien to replace the one I made a few years ago that an ex-boyfriend lost in a bar when his band was playing. Fred, the first alien, was their mascot.

I’ve named this one Pilgrim in honor of Billy Pilgrim obviously of Slaughterhouse Five. He’s a plunger with a gardening glove glued to the top all painted to match. The inside of the hand area is filled with cloth to fill it out as well as wires so the fingers can be moved.

Unlike the Tralfamadore’s in Vonnegut’s book the plunger stick part is not flexible. Also, the eye is black and not green. But I’m fine with all that. I finished it off with green acrylic paint so it would all match.

Total price of Pilgrim: ~ $10


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