Pilgrim at Coral Castle

Moon Fountain

Saturday I went down to Homestead with some friends and my daughter to visit Coral Castle. For those who don’t know, Coral Castle is, like it’s named states, a castle made out of coral. A small castle really it doesn’t even have a roof for the most part. But the real point is that the whole thing was built by a guy even smaller than I am (5ft to be exact) and all by himself. It’s an amazing feet and some people suspect he had alien assistance.

Really, I went because it was the first Saturday of the month and on the first Saturday of the month they have the psychic fair. I went last year and had a card reading done by an old woman with bad hearing. She was really on the money too so I went back this year because my life is still stilted and I wanted to hear what else, if anything, was in store for me.

I got some real good news. Not the “you will find an awesome job and move out of the city to a wonderful wonderful place where you’ll finally be happy” that I would have liked to hear, but good news in any case. I don’t need to win the lottery to feel like a winner. So if things really turn out like she says I might just have to go back again next year and see what else is in store for me.

While I was at Coral Castle I also got some photos of Pilgrim. Perhaps it was the Tralfamadore’s that helped Ed make that monument. There’s descriptions of the locations if you go see the photos on the Flickr page, but for a simple look you can click under the cut.

The Throne room

Pilgrim with Ed

Coral Castle 1


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