in the Vonnegut section

I took Pilgrim over to Barnes & Nobles the other day to get a shot next to the Vonnegut books. Yeah, I got some stares. I’ve never been the kind of person that wants to be the center of attention. This whole photographing Pilgrim around the city is going to be a lesson in dealing with people staring at me. There’s just no hiding a 2ft alien.

This time at B&N I was with my daughter whom I tricked into carrying Pilgrim around instead of me. People I assume imagined it was some weird kid’s project. Pilgrim was a big hit in the children’s book section. It seems every kid under the age of three wanted to come up and touch Pilgrim. If the parent’s didn’t mind, then I went ahead and let them.

I think Pilgrim would fit well enough in a yoga bag so I’m going to try and purchase one this weekend. It should make transporting Pilgrim around a bit less conspicuous.

Barnes & Noble fiction section

Barnes & Noble's kids section


One response to “in the Vonnegut section

  • Julius J

    Well, well, well, Miss V, I must say I like your new blog digs. Sorry I didn’t make the rounds sooner. Frankly, I’d missed reading your blog. I’d missed your charm and candor. Oh, and it’s not that I don’t get a dose of that a work, mind you, but I find that you know someone just a little better when you read their writing.

    Oh, and Pilgrim is adorable, btw. You’ve never mentioned him. Do people ask questions about him? Where’s Pilgrim off to next?

    So I finished writing my silly review of “Inception.” I don’t like it, but I finished it, and that’s the important thing. I’ll get better at it. Give me your opinion.


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