on the set of “The Empty”

The Empty

So a friend of mine from high school who I still see occasionally texts me a couple of weeks ago to ask everyone he knows to be extras in the movie he’s filming. Now, as an undergraduate I had to call many a friend of mine and beg them to be models for me and because of this, whenever an artist friend of mine asks for my help, I try to be there for them.

The photo above was shot on set of the horror indie move, “The Empty” which is of right now, still in production. Out of respect for my friends (because it turns out there’s a few of them working on this) I’ve tried to shoot this photo in the least spoilerrific location I could find. There was lots of stuff going on there that day and I might add that I was completely impressed by the level of commitment and dedication this crew was exhibiting. The detail on the sets, the footage they let me see, the professionalism, was amazing for me to be a part of in the small tiny non sequential way I was able.

For future use, or to see what else some of this team has put together (film and more) go to: Masterflow Productions


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