Coconut Grove Peacocks

I went out and photographed Pilgrim with all the Peacock statues in Coconut Grove. It took two days in the hot burning sun. It also took me looking the things up online because some of them are kind of hidden.

The first day I walked around the Grove with my daughter taking photos of all the statues I came across in this series. It’s great now that I have the yoga mat carrier because I can walk with Pilgrim without drawing too much attention. I did not look to see if anyone was watching me while I was taking the photos. The second was slightly different. By then I had found the website listing all the peacocks and saw that I missed eight of them. So the second day was doing drive-bys w/my mom and my daughter. I would park the car, run out and shoot. My mom felt the whole thing was borderline illicit and felt really happy to be a part of it.

I think the photos came out quite nicely. Also, I’d like to point out to the people behind the Peacocks display that I wouldn’t really advertise this as a “walking tour” since a few of those statues are really out of the way. There’s one that’s so far north I wouldn’t even count it as being in the Grove, though techincally it is by zip code, it’s on the wrong side of US1 in my opinion.

Below are some sample shots. For all the images go to the page: Coconut Grove Peacocks Collection

Peacocks of the Grove 11

Peacocks of the Grove 1 Peacocks of the Grove 17


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