NaNoWriMo 2010

It’s that time of the year again… it’s time to get ready for NATIONAL NOVEL WRITING MONTH! Yay!

I wish I could carry this gif around with me to express my joy sometimes.

I’ve been thinking and looking forward to this for the past few months. Ever since this conversation took place:

B: You can always tell what the next big thing in Young Adult novels is going to be by following what’s popular in graphic novels.
Me: Really? So what’s the next big thing then?
B: the Cthulhu Mythos
Me: That’s hilarious. I’m totally going to write some Twilight tragic romance where the love interest is a Cthulhu monster.
B: Well, tentacle porn is really big in Japan.
Me: No.

I decided a few months ago I would write a young adult novel set in the Lovecraft universe. A few months later I still have no plot or main characters, just a villain I fell in love with in a completely platonic way (ew. tentacle porn). Also, I don’t read young adult novels. I didn’t even read them as a young adult. As a teenager I was in love with Neil Gaiman and Alexander Dumas. That may sound really elitist and snotty, but Dumas books made me weep like a little girl.

I’ve been trying to read the inside flaps of young adult books at the bookstore with cool covers. Most of them make me want to gag, but a few didn’t seem so bad. I’ve decided that I’m not going to go the supernatural romance route. That stuff makes me gag. My plot hasn’t gotten any further than that though.

At the same time I’ve still been trying to edit that other novel. It’s a stop and start process where I don’t want to write, and then I realize it’s because I don’t like where I’m going so I need to write where I want to go and go back and tweak the other chapters later. The thing with writing in the notebook has really helped. What I do is on the left side I write key points from the chapter. The right side is for notes about things I need to change in the chapter. For example, At the start of chapter six I realized that I don’t want to write about basketball, so they are going to go to a concert instead. So then in the Chapter three and five notes I jot down that I need to change “basketball” to “concert” . Ta-da, crisis averted.

For NaNo I’ve been preparing by reading Lovecraft stories set in the Cthulhu Mythos. I’ve also found this fabulous book called The Lovecraft Companion. Holy crap, I just looked that up in Amazon and it is expensive as hell. Thank God for libraries. Also, I’ve got (from the library) An H.P. Lovecraft Encyclopedia. And lastly, I found some maps of the Lovecraft Country on the Maps of Non-Existent Places website. That covers all but Dunwich. I can’t find a map of Dunwich as of yet.

So overall, I’m not ready to start, but I am excited.

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