In February my friend who claims to be a psychic predicted that by the end of this year I’d have a new job and be living somewhere I never imagined. I was hoping for something simple like… West Virginia. I don’t think I ever thought I’d moved there. And still I’m not, because as it turns out, I got promoted at my current job and am moving somewhere I hadn’t imagined… somewhere else in Miami. Looks like my friend is actually a psychic.

Ugh. This is a blessing and a curse as most things in life are. On the one hand, hey more money. On the other hand.. oh, god stuck in Miami for another freaking semester. ::groan::

Honestly, I’ve been mostly positive about this whole deal. There was another psychic at Coral Castle that I visited in July. I’d seen her last summer and her predictions turned out to be pretty accurate. This year she made a few predictions that seem to be coming true as well. And since they were overall positive predictions, I think I’m just going to stay positive about everything right now. Positive on work related things anyway.

I’ve got a couple of things that I’m planning to do so I’ll be staying put for at least another semester. And that’s okay. I can totally deal with that. My life seems to be a series of baby steps and I just gotta deal. It’s just that I’m an ambitious person. Not Michael Douglas Wall Street ambitious, but ambitious on a healthier nicer level. I’ve spent my whole life wanting more. It’s hard. I feel like I was reaching for the stars and landed on the moon. And the moon…. it’s no where near the closest star*.

(*not counting our sun. perhaps this was a bad metaphor)


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