So It Goes

My friend died yesterday.  So it goes. The director of the movie I was pitching in by being an extra. “The Empty” if you look at a post some months ago where I took my alien, Billy Pilgrim to get a shot on set. It was a car crash early in the morning.  It took a few hours for the news to reach everyone.  I drive by that intersection twice everyday going to and from work.

I’ve known him since high school which by now means 16 maybe 17 years.  That’s half my life.  He use to sit next to me in guitar class and tell me all these crazy ideas he had for movies. There was one with a floating eyeball which I never forgot, but after a few years he did. He use to call me a reverse vampire. He was the guy you always wanted to come to your party. I had some ideas on how we could work together on some short films or something.

The last time I saw him was about three weeks ago.  It was his birthday. We were all at a club dancing and having fun. We hung around outside for a few minutes and then he was going to another party, and I had a stomach ache so I went home.  Customary hug and kiss goodbye.  There was going to be a Halloween party this weekend, and I would’ve seen him then.

He was probably the most uniquely creative person I’d ever met.  He had a whole different way of looking at the world.  I’m really going to miss him.

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