You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

Yes. I’ve not blogged in forever. So I’m going to try to keep this short to get back in the swing of things because I have a lot of things to say.I don’t want to get to deep here on the get go, so I’ll just start slow. Let’s catch up.

My last blog was on New Years Day. I’m still in love with my fabulous new apartment, and my job is pretty sweet too. I still hate working out, but I love swimming and now with a pool on premises I’ve started to develop a tan.

I took a class called Scientific Revolution to see if I’d be interested in pursuing a second masters, possibly even a PhD in the field of history of science.  The class was great. I did good, and I love the topic.  Unfortunately there’s no real program of study for it at UM. And to get in a PhD program I’d need to be fluent in French or German preferably both. So I guess that’s not going to happen. This leaves me a bit uncertain about my future. I’m not sure what I’m suppose to be aiming for now besides even more money and not Miami.

I finished Script Frenzy in a week. I’d been so busy with my paper for class that I left off the screenplay after 10 pages.  But then in the last week I trashed the original script idea and started all over again fresh.I started one Saturday and finished the next Saturday morning. I’d been bragging that I could do Script Frenzy in a week so it was nice to know that I wasn’t full of shit.

Now that school’s out and I’m settled into being in Miami for at least another year, I feel pretty confident that I can put some more effort into my writing. Perhaps edit one of those short stories so I can send it out somewhere.

More to come if I can keep on task. As you can see I’m out of practice and rambling.


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