So now what?

i can’t believe I got a stupid B+ on my SciRev class. I was rocking that class. It was the stupid class participation (or lack there of honestly) that came back to bite me. To my professor:

This summer should prove real busy on the work front despite the fact that it’s summer. The powers that be have thought up of all new ways to keep me busy. So along with the video work I’ll be doing we’re also going to do a side project that I am now writing a script for.

On a more personal note I also hope to go back to the series of interconnecting short stories I wrote over a year ago. My goal is to pull out the first one, edit it and then send it out to publish in several magazines. It will either a. get published or b. not get published. Those are the only choices, right? I could have sworn that I’d said somewhere that after 10 rejection letters I’d start posting stories online for free. So, yes, I need to put that into my writing page or bio somewhere. After 10 rejections I will submit to places that won’t pay me. If no one wants it then it’s going up here with a list of places it was rejected from so everyone can take part in my humiliation.

While I sit home and wait for my big break, I will also edit my NaNoWriMo novel from last year. I liked the way it turned out.

That’s as far as I got. A small yet daunting task for someone with a stack of first drafts and only one rejection (which didn’t even come in letter form damn you! I have plans for rejection letters) under my belt.


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