Vogon Poetry – Ode to my Lost Boys poster

Happy Towel Day. In celebration I have done something I never do… write poetry. And yes, it’s suppose to be bad. It’s Vogon.

Ode to my Lost Boys Poster

From Corey Feldman to New Kids on the Block
My Lost Boys poster was my rock
Up on my wall through all the years
Lost when I moved at 18
I was in tears

I scoured every store
Through many places I would pore
But still I could not find
Another one of of the same kind

Until one day
Many Years later
I checked on ebay
And there was Kiefer’s familiar face
Standing with the others
Of the vampire race

And now it hangs
Framed on my wall
“Cry Little Sister,
Thou Shall Not Fall”*

*lyrics for “Cry Little Sister” by Gerard McMann. Theme to the Lost Boys.

Author’s Note: This poster is so rare, it took me an hour to find a crappy version online. So instead I waited until I got home and took a crappy cellphone shot of my own poster.


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