Jean Grey Deadinlake

I’m a smart ass. Warnings: Spoilers for X-men movies under the cut.

Yesterday I saw X-men:First Class and loved it so I went home and told all my Facebook friends (35) how awesome it was. A few comments later I got the idea for this: JeanGrey Deadinlake. It’s a twitter feed of Jean Grey dead at the bottom of the lake from X2. Just pretend there was no X3 (like most fans do) and imagine she is still dead at the bottom of this lake. I’ll keep this up until I get bored. Then I’ll shut it down, but for now, I’m amused.

I’ve never been a fan of Jean Grey comic or movie wise. I prefer Gambit and then Rogue. So I was severely disappointed with the first three Xmen movies to begin with.

BTW. Since I put this under a cut for spoilers let me just say that I was very happy with Xmen First class and I think it’s the best Xmen movie thus far. It was getting real good reviews, but I kept thinking “it can’t possibly be THAT good.” But it was THAT good. I think focusing on Xavier and Magneto was the best idea and the actor who played Magneto was fantastic. I especially loved that the mutant recruits weren’t suddenly Kung-Fu fighters after a week of trying to learn control over their powers. But my favorite part had to be Xavier holding down Kevin Bacon while Magneto killed him. That’s love. Bloody, brilliant.


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