It’s Okay to be Takei

I realize that I don’t express on my blog how much I believe in gay rights.  I don’t usually blog about it. If I did it would be nothing but a constant rant about how pissed off I get when I’m faced with the reality that I live in a society that would think to question whether or not gays should have rights. How can that even be a question? I don’t get it. I restate my previous point (see this blog*) that I’ve never heard a plausible argument against gay rights.

See? One paragraph and I’m already pissed off and ranting.

So watch this video, and then maybe click the link underneath it and read me ranting some more.

Okay, maybe I’m not going to rant. I have just too many things I can rant about. So I’m going to organize my ideas.  Here are some future blog topics you can expect from me:

  • How I justify to myself that I’m teaching my daughter that being gay is okay. In other words, what’s the difference btw myself and the parents that teach their kids that being gay is wrong?
  • Arguments I had with people when I worked in dependency court (court for parents who were bad and had their kids taken from them) who were anti-gay.
  • My arguments with others about why being gay is okay.
  • My simplistic argument(s) to people who don’t seem to understand that people are born that way.
  • My pro-gay religious argument.
  • How I feel bad that I’m not a bigger activist. But at least I don’t let anyone I’m even remotely familiar with say something anti-gay without me calling them on it and jumping down their throat until they are left stuttering with no argument against me because there is no argument. I’m right.

Because really, when it comes to big issues I can usually see both sides of the problem even if I side with one. I’m pro-choice, but I get the pro-life argument. I don’t know about medicine enough to argue I think. Ultimately I believe in pro-choice because I think NO abortions is too extreme. It doesn’t mean I believe in handing out abortions like flyers on the street. Capital Punishment, Government, War… those are tough issues. There’s a lot of room for error.

But two people going on dates, getting married, raising a kid? Why is this even an issue? It should be a given. It shouldn’t be a question. Why is this such a hard concept to grasp? I don’t understand.

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