Brunette and Proud

My simplistic way of explaining homosexuality to people I feel are being ignorant.  This post is inspired by the Portraits from the New York City Marriage Bureau.

by discoinvasion (deviant art)

How do I explain that being LGBT is something a person is born as and not a lifestyle choice?  This may sound weird, but I think I make sense.  I was born a brunette.  I’m still a brunette and am perfectly happy to live my life as a person with black hair. I have done red streaks in the past, but I’ve never  gone blonde.

But.. and here’s my point… if I dye my hair blonde, does that really make me a blonde? I say, no it doesn’t. That’s why people say “she’s a bleached blonde”, “bottle blonde”, “the carpet doesn’t match the drapes” or “oh, baby you’re roots are showing”. I’m a brunette and I’ll always be a brunette and no amount of peroxide or bleach is going to change my DNA. My hair will always grow out black until the day I go completely grey.

So in other words, a person who is LGBT was born that way.  Making someone feel ashamed for being LGBT is as bad as making someone feel ashamed about being a brunette. It’s just silly. Really, as if (a) they had any control over that and (b) there was anything wrong with that. On a sidenote, I also don’t understand what’s the big deal about red-heads.  It wasn’t until my late twenties that I learned people get made fun of for being red-heads.  Why? Honestly. I don’t get it.

Being a brunette is not my lifestyle choice, it’s what I am. I choose to accept that I am a brunette. I’m perfectly happy being a brunette. I could choose to dye my hair blonde or ginger, but I’d just be lying and it would take a lot of effort once my roots start to grow out.  Plus, after a few years there would be serious damage to my hair.

I could also dye my hair blonde and then swear I was born that way while I preach that Jesus was blonde and therefore brunettes should be saved by being taken to salons to be made blonde and those who choose the brunette lifestyle should not be allowed to be near children because they might corrupt them to the brunette way.

Well, now that just sounds silly when you put it that way don’t it?  So anyone out there who thinks they can pray their child’s gay away is welcomed to try, but underneath the Loreal they will remain who ever they were born.  Can someone who’s LGBT choose to behave against their very nature? Yes, surely they’ve been doing it for years to escape from being persecuted by the society around them. But that doesn’t change who they really are.

But the thing about pretending to be something you’re not… like all the politcians who are against gay rights but then get caught with a same-sex lover…  I could choose to dye my hair blonde all I like to fit in, but I know deep down inside that I’m a brunette. Or to be more vulgar… just because I’m not sucking cock right now doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about it.


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