You killed my [parent]. Prepare to die.

After reading about the Princess Bride reunion they had in Entertainment Weekly, I was thinking about my favorite scene in the movie, which also happens to be my favorite scene in any movie ever made. Princess Bride is not my favorite movie, though it’s great and I love it, but the scene with Iñigo Montoya beats everything.

I love the scene for its history, the passion, the harmony. For a secondary character Montoya has a history that is easily explained, understandable, and sympathetic. He’s spent the past 20some years honing his skills and looking for the man that killed his father so he could finally have vengeance. It’s his only driving passion. At the end when he finally finds his father’s murderer, Count Rugen, he removes a dagger from his own gut in order to keep going and kill this man. And then, my favorite part, he wounds Rugen in every place that Rugen wounded him and then finishes by stabbing him in the gut with the sword Montoya’s father had made for Rugen. The symmetry. It’s perfection.

And since I’ve been on such an x-men kick I couldn’t help but remember Magneto in X-men First Class. The characters aren’t particularly similar, but the basics parallel a bit. Magneto spends his adult life honing his skills as he tracks Shaw, the man who killed his mother. In the end he kills Shaw by sending a nazi coin, the same one Magneto had failed to move for Shaw (resulting in his mother’s death), straight through Shaw’s head.

I’m a sucker for a good cold revenge.

This is why I was so hoping that Neville Longbottom would be the one to kill Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter series. I really wanted him to just go bat-shit crazy and crucio her until she was a twitching mess and died from the pain. Or maybe she could have fallen off a cliff trying to get away from the horrible torture of Neville’s curse. That would have been sweet sweet justice. And I know Bellatrix didn’t actually kill the Longbottoms, but it was as good as dead, right? Neville deserved to make Bellatrix suffer. If I were him that’d probably be all I was thinking about. I’d die making sure she was dead. But I guess JK Rowling and I disagree on many things in her series.

I always say the best revenge is living well. But that’s usually because I’d get into serious trouble in this real world if I did the vengeful things I wanted. Since I’d rather not be a criminal, I just have to be more creative.

Magneto will kill you.

2 thoughts on “You killed my [parent]. Prepare to die.

  1. Yes this..”This is why I was so hoping that Neville Longbottom would be the one to kill Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter series.”


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