NaNoWriMo – Day One

I have no plans to blog everyday instead of novel.  I’m just anxious because I want to start, but I’m going to wait until the write-in.  This way I can stew all day on what my first chapter is going to be like.  A few days ago I came up with some more characters. Most people in my novel are going to die horribly, but I first I have to create these unfortunate red shirts.

I think my region’s kick-off party this year was one of the most successful ever. We all got into conversations about each others ideas and kicked around some new ideas to each other.  We were encouraging without blind acceptance.  It was wonderful.  It was everything I missed about being an art and creative writing student.  Having that community of people you can talk to about your art that understand what you’re saying because they experience it as well is priceless.

Ok, so day one… maybe I should blog some advice.  Here goes: don’t wait until tomorrow, start at the middle of some action, don’t take yourself or your story too seriously, finish today’s word count at least. After you’ve done all that, then think about what you are going to write tomorrow.

Johnny Depp as Hunter Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

In my head, as a writer, this is a vague idea of how I see myself. Lost and unbalanced.

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