NaNoWriMo – Day 15 – Bring in the Ninjas

I’m still behind, ugh. I had some bad allergies these past few days. It’s not very easy to type when you’re blowing your nose constantly. I kind of gave up on trying to catch up this weekend. So it’s day 15 and I just finished day 10 on Sunday. On the good side I’m feeling better so I’m hoping this weekend I can catch up.

This year, though, I’m having trouble staying interested in writing. I suppose it could be what I’m writing. Perhaps it’s the pressure of NaNoWriMo finally hitting me. I’m inclined to say that it’s because it’s the first year I participate that I’m living on my own (unless you count my kid). I have less of a reason to find escape from reality in a word processor since my life actually did get better this past year.

As far as what this means for my story, I think it’s turning out positive. Things keep happening because I have to make up stuff to keep me interested in writing. This year almost every other chapter I’ve had to “bring in the ninjas”. I have evil spirits of the restless dead, spirit photography, electrical outages, paranormal experiences, a priest with no faith and I still have some possessions and exorcisms planned. I’m throwing the kitchen sink into this book.

When I get bored, someone dies. In my book, I mean, not… you know.

You can track my progress at my NaNo author site.


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