NaNoWriMo 2011 – recap

Half-way through the month I fell behind. By the third week I was convinced I wasn’t going to make it. I felt okay about it and only slightly disappointed. I’d been doing NaNo for five years, it was inevitable that I’d fail at some point. I can’t do this forever. This year things were so different. I had a new apartment on my own. I had to do things like cook and clean. I got sick for a few days in the middle of the month. I had to take my daughter to Girl Scouts and give my mom some quality time. It wasn’t as easy to get motivated as it was in other years.

Sunday morning I woke up four days before the end of NaNo and I only had 20K.

I can’t tell you where my sudden motivation came from because I have no clue. I sat home and I wrote. And I wrote, and I wrote. I took a break to take my kid to the mall so she wouldn’t go stir crazy. Then I went home and wrote some more. I went to sleep having hit 30K.

That’s all it took, because then getting to 50K in 3 days seemed doable. By Wednesday night I had 6500 more words to go. Confident, I went to the write-in and amazed my fellow Nanoers with my huge word count spikes. I left needing 3K at 9:30pm. Confident that I’d be able to make it, I went home. Of course, life was going to make me work for it since I’d slacked off for so long.

I get home and get a phone call from my mother, she’d locked herself out of her house and I must drive over there to let her back in. With two and a half hours left in the day and 3K to write? I cursed bloody murder as I got into the car with my daughter and my laptop and raced through Miami to get to Little Havana. I let my mother in and then locked myself in the bathroom to finish my word count.

50,047 at 11pm.

And then I had to apologize to my mother for yelling and to my daughter for keeping her up past her bedtime and then spazzing out.



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