2012 Resolutions with RDJ

I had no plans of making any resolutions this year because I’ve never been able to  reach them all.  It’s a tad bit sad when I look back on my year’s goals and see how little of them I’ve accomplished. Usually what happens is that my desires just changed throughout the year. So, no more resolutions for me.

But then… tumblr and 2012 New Year’s Resolutions by Robert Downey Jr.

I’m not a full blown tumblr addict yet, and yet.

It’s a more easily attainable list. Drink in moderation, Try to eat healthy, Exercise regularly; are things I’ve been basically doing for years.  Well, the exercise part didn’t come in until 2011, so I just have to try not to drop the ball on it.

Don’t text and drive should just be a given, but I raise my hand, I’ve done it and I need to stop. Read more books, sounds silly. I read a lot. So I vow to read more actual books and not just porn.

Speak out more is an ongoing thing. It’s easier the older I get.

Make an effort to be happy sounds like self-help bullcrap, or at least it does to me. But since I plan events where I will walk around and wallow in angst I think it’s not a stretch to say… I’m acting like a teenage girl and I need to stop it.

Do whatever you want. See above statement.

Maybe… Find Someone? I’m not exactly sure about the origin of this resolution list.  It’s not mine, so I’m just going to take this last one as a dare.  I love the question mark at the end. So perhaps, maybe I’ll meet someone. And 2012 will be the year I met my new friend, boyfriend, Robert Downey Jr, my maker, or your mother.

and if I could do anything near this cool in 2012, that'd be cool too


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