C is for Cookie

oh, cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C!

Now that I got that out of my system…

My daughter’s a Girl Scout. She joined up a few months ago. It was her choice. I, for one, am not a joiner and never wanted to be aGirl Scouts.  Begging for patches, selling cookies, and camping out with the bugs? Oh, hell no.

She on the other hand heard about it from friends, loves to join things, and is having a great old time being with the Girl Scouts. I on the other hand, am playing video games on my phones during meetings or dropping her off to get some grocery shopping done. Sometimes I talk to the less pretentious moms.  Which says a lot about some of those women considering how overly pretentious I can be.

For the past few weeks though we’ve been selling Girl Scout cookies. Or more truthfully, her grandmother and I have been selling cookies.  I admit, they are pretty delicious if not a bit overpriced. But these things sell themselves and I’ve barely had to lift a finger.  I thought we’d struggle to get the 24 boxes sold she’d need for a badge, but it looks like she’s going to finish at 144 boxes.  Her goal was 42 (How I love my nerdy daughter).

It’s my fault. I got cookie fever. I was somewhat tricked by the darkside into accepting the first 72 and thought surely I’d have to give at least half of those back. But then they just sold like crazy and suddenly I took on 72 more. But that’s it. I’m done. I have 6 boxes left and I’m tempted to buy them myself to put an end to the cookie torture.

I’m not sure what the Girl Scouts think this experience is suppose to teach girls, but here’s what I know my daughter learned: cash only and up front.


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