The Nerdist Way

I’ve been trying to read this book, The Nerdist Way, but it’s just not happening for me.

The part I did get through had me making character sheets for myself like I was RPGing my own life. That, I thought, was a great way to look at things. I was trying to invest in the experience. But the book is a bit noncohesive and just like the authors mind seems to have wandered, so did mine. I haven’t been able to finish the book. And what’s more, I feel guilty for thinking of trying to finish.

I’ve fallen into a a vicious cycle. I should read the book because I’ve always had trouble feeling motivated, keeping my life organized and prioritizing my own life. At the same time, reading this book just feels like another excuse to keep procrastinating. “Oh, sure I’ll edit that novel sitting on my desktop… just as soon as I spend a month reading this book and learning how to RPG my life.” ::headdesk::

My 34th birthday is next week. I’ve spent the whole of 2012 psychoanalyzing my own life and coming up short.

you suck, Tom Brady.


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