My Night with Whitney Houston

I have a Whitney Houston story, and since she died a few days ago it seem fitting I share it now.  Before I begin I would like to say that I was a Whitney Houston fan when I was young.  She was a very talented singer and it’s unfortunate she died so young. This story is perhaps not the most favorable light of her, but that doesn’t mean I ever thought ill of her.  She was a beautiful and talented singer, but she was also a human being.

At some point around 1999-2001 I went to the Improv Comedy Club in Miami with my best friend D to see Tommy Davidson perform. He’d bought the tickets before hand, but there was a mix-up in the ticket counter that almost had him getting into a fight with Alonso Morning of the Miami Heat… but that’s a different story.  The Improv managed to get us entrances despite the mix-up and D and I were sitting off to the side at a very nice private booth.

For most of the night, during the opening act and most of Tommy Davidson’s show, we couldn’t help but notice the incredibly loud people that surrounded us. There was a guy at one table in front of us who had a waitress bringing him a beer approximately every 7 minutes.  There was a loud woman off to our left who kept yelling at the performers and laughing so loud we could hear her over everyone.

But it wasn’t until Tommy Davidson started talking about Dion Warwick that we realized we were sitting in VIP. The loud lady on the left gets up and starts yelling at Tommy for insulting her aunt.  And that’s when we noticed that the loud woman on the left was Whitney Houston, and the guy drinking beer after beer and stomping his feet on the ground laughing was Bobby Brown.  We were surrounded by Miami Heat players as well.

When the show was over and everyone was getting up to leave. D and I stayed in our seats for a beat and watched as whitney and Bobby walked out arm in arm all smiles.

I’ve told this story many times. Yes, they were very loud and had been drinking and god knows if anything else. But they were having a good time, and we were having a good time watching the show and watching the show they were putting on themselves.  And when they left, they left happy.

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got.  Sorry.


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