I will be Avenged

I didn’t mean that title to sound so ominous, so let me explain.  Here’s the short version:

In 2003, the final movie in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Return of the King, came out into theaters, and with it came it’s own movie marathon. Namely, the extended edition of the first two movies followed by the third movie at a midnight showing.

I was broke. When the tickets went on sale I had just gotten a part time job where I was making perhaps $500-$600 a month. I’d been unemployed for a year after being laid-off, dumped by my baby-daddy, and having to raise a newborn baby.  This all happened in less than a year’s time.  When I finally got a job after living off of everyone’s generosity for a few months, my first priority could not be buy Lord of the Rings tickets and then ask my poor mother for gas money. Tickets sold out very quickly and by the time I had saved about 30 some dollars towards the $50 ticket, they were selling on e-bay for about twice as much.

I know it sounds silly. It’s just a movie, I saw the 3rd one in the theater eventually and I own the special edition box set of all three. But to me, that event became a symbol of how hard I’d fallen. You can go back and re-read my previous paragraph. I lost my job in October 2002, my man in February 2003 and my apartment in July 2003. Did I mention my daughter was only months old this whole time? She was born August 2002.

I had hit rock bottom. I have never, to this date, been in a sorrier state of affairs (knocks on wood). I couldn’t even afford a $50 ticket. That was fucking depressing.

So when I saw there was an Avengers, Marvel movie marathon, leading up to the midnight showing… well, maybe I hesitated for like 20 seconds, but then I thought back to the Lord of the Rings, to 2003, and said to myself. “Fuck you, not again!” This time I can afford to drop the money for a ticket. I do it gladly. I am avenged.

And if in December there happens to be another all day Lord of the Rings extended edition marathon leading up to the Hobbit, well…I say to myself… you’ve come a long long way baby.

Loki - God of Mischief (or Tom Hiddleston being driven off set)


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