It’s a Men’s Avengers T-Shirt World

As can be seen above, there was no female interest at the Avengers movie premiere. Unless you count all those girls.

When I was in high school, before the massive outbreak of internet users and a world of seemingly endless possibilities, I was a petite young girl.  Today I’m still petite and yet in the world of the internet and seemingly endless possibilities, I sometimes reach a limit. I’m actually talking about t-shirts. T-shirts for my fave bands only ever came in men’s sizes. Well, perhaps Unisex, but to me that’s the same thing as being a men’s size. It’s a large shapeless piece of cloth that makes me look like I’m wearing my (hypothetical) dad’s Led Zeppelin shirt.  The same thing happens if for some reason I find a boy’s size. It’s just a shorter boxy shirt.  I suppose I could have bought a shirt and tailored it – if I knew how to sew.

So today, even with the advent of the widespread internet, finding an officially licensed, not bootleg, shirts for my fave nerd themes is almost as difficult.  Why is it I can only find two shirts for THOR? One with cover art (eh, it’s okay) and one with his comic self making out with Sif?  Is it cause I’m a girl so obviously I want a t-shirt with kissing?

This all started when I was trying to find an Avengers shirt for the Avengers movie next week.  What I really wanted was something with Loki on it, but as a girl nerd I wasn’t holding out too much hope.  I go to Marvel’s website and when I finally find the women’s shirts, of which there are 4, the first thing I see is a shirt that says “I fight in heels” written in glitter pink.  If you’re not insulted, the second was “I only date Super Heroes.” Why Marvel, why?

Disney Store only sells Avenger shirts for boys or men, Walmart only has men’s, Hot topic only has men’s… and so on.

So where does that leave me? I’ll tell you where.  In the world of DIY, bootleg, and I Have No Idea If This Is Legit online stores. We Love Fine had a nice collection, but only two featured Loki and I wasn’t really sold on either.  RedBubble had quite a few cool designs people sent in, but had to pull them for copyright problems. The designs sometimes change daily from people uploading designs and then getting yanked making the website currently unreliable. Spreadshirt, Zazzle and CafePress were not very impressive as far as options.  I’m awful at DIY shirt making.  In the end I grabbed an image I liked off Google and had a one of kind shirt made for myself.

Sorry, Marvel.  I tried to give you more of my money. I hope you can forgive me. Think of it, not as a bootleg shirt, but my advertising of your movie. And I’ve given you plenty of my money already. I’ve seen all the movies (not Daredevil or Elektra though), I have comic books, toys and DVDs.

I mean, I get it. It’s not cost effective to make shirts in a women’s cut. I suppose my demographic is not a very big part of the superhero fan world.  I suppose there weren’t many small female Metallica fans that wanted to rock out with the band shirt on twenty years ago.  I get it, but I don’t have to like it.

On a different note, lot’s of love out to ThinkGeek for their multi-fandom women’s tees including maternity tees.  I’d also like to thank SuperHero Stuff for having a wider selection of women’s superhero shirts.  I’m even willing to overlook the “I only date heroes” shirt with Louis Lane hanging off of Superman, ” the “I only kiss Rebels” shirt with Han and Leia making out, and the “I like guys with cars and money” Batman shirt (facepalm).  This she-hulk thing might be a bit harder to forgive.


One response to “It’s a Men’s Avengers T-Shirt World

  • Deborah the Closet Monster

    the first thing I see is a shirt that says “I fight in heels” written in glitter pink. If you’re not insulted, the second was “I only date Super Heroes.” Why Marvel, why?
    I would like to second this, as well as the rest of the post. I’m not exactly petite, but I still like girl-shaped nerd clothing. So why isn’t there more of it, in light of the fact that there’s a sizeable chunk of nerddom without a “y” chromosome? Yeeesh.

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