About to Fail Script Frenzy

Script Frenzy is that yearly script writing challenge I’ve been doing for the past few years. Since the website started, I was there that first year.  And now with 4 days left, 25 out of 100 pages written , and zero interest, I’m about to fail for the first time.

I spent a couple weeks thinking “I’ll write this weekend” or “I’ll write tomorrow” or “I’ll write after yoga”. But I wouldn’t. I would be reading and then it was time to put my daughter to bed after which I spent either reading Cracked articles or reading Tender is the Night. I’m very versatile that way. (I’m really liking the Fitzgerald book, by the way, for those who read my previous post about it.) I could lie to myself and say “I’m just so busy trying to kill these termites” or “I should be doing more yoga” or “I really should be cleaning my house.” The truth is, I just wasn’t interested in writing a screenplay right now.

So yesterday as I was on my way to my mother’s house after finally being driven out of my home by termites, I thought, “perhaps I don’t care because there’s just no challenge to it anymore.” And perhaps that’s it. Last year I wrote a screenplay in a week.  Combine that with the lack of screenplay like story I wanted to tell equaled me with an abandoned screenplay.

The worst part is that since I felt like Script Frenzy should be my writing priority, it gave me a perfect excuse to procrastinate on my other writing projects. I never even touched the Edgar Allan Poe annotated bibliography I’ve been working on for years.  I thought I’d be able to post that prior to the John Cusack movie coming out.   And I as always, my previous works remain unedited.

I already have a story in mind to write for NaNoWriMo this year. But between now and November I want to accomplish so much.  I say that every year, but I’m one of the worst procrastinators. I wish there was a magic pill I could take that would motivate me and stop me from procrastinating.


One response to “About to Fail Script Frenzy

  • Julio Benitez

    Dude, don’t be too hard on yourself. You’ve won Frenzy and Nano every year I’ve known you. You’re nowhere near as bad a procrastinator as yours truly. I just think you need new challenges. Finishing, or “winning” is not enough. In the end, you and I know it’s not about about the number of words or pages, it’s about the work. It’s all about great writing, no matter how long it takes to get there.

    Oh, and in reference to a previous post, you’re right, talent is overrated. What good is talent if you don’t use it. People have praised my writing for years, but what has that got me? Nothing. You’ve got to have the will and determination to cross the finish line, which you’ve always had. and I myself have lacked. That’s why I had to finish this year. I simply needed to know that I could do it.

    My advice is hone your craft and start writing that story for Nano NOW. Don’t wait. Writers write. It’s got be a habit, dude. I’m trying my best to make it a habit I can’t break. Do the same, and you will get published. You have to believe that. I believe it all the more so because I remember this: Stephanie freaking Myers got published. If she can, then I can.

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